ROBOOP, A Robotics Object Oriented Package in C++
homogen.cpp File Reference

Homogen transformation functions. More...

#include "utils.h"

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ReturnMatrix trans (const ColumnVector &a)
ReturnMatrix rotx (const Real alpha)
 Rotation around x axis.
ReturnMatrix roty (const Real beta)
 Rotation around x axis.
ReturnMatrix rotz (const Real gamma)
 Rotation around z axis.
ReturnMatrix rotk (const Real theta, const ColumnVector &k)
 Rotation around arbitrary axis.
ReturnMatrix rpy (const ColumnVector &a)
 Roll Pitch Yaw rotation.
ReturnMatrix eulzxz (const ColumnVector &a)
 Euler ZXZ rotation.
ReturnMatrix rotd (const Real theta, const ColumnVector &k1, const ColumnVector &k2)
 Rotation around an arbitrary line.
ReturnMatrix irotk (const Matrix &R)
 Obtain axis from a rotation matrix.
ReturnMatrix irpy (const Matrix &R)
 Obtain Roll, Pitch and Yaw from a rotation matrix.
ReturnMatrix ieulzxz (const Matrix &R)
 Obtain Roll, Pitch and Yaw from a rotation matrix.

Detailed Description

Homogen transformation functions.

Definition in file homogen.cpp.