ROBOOP, A Robotics Object Oriented Package in C++
Class Hierarchy
This inheritance list is sorted roughly, but not completely, alphabetically:
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oCClikHandle Closed Loop Inverse Kinematics scheme
oCComputed_torque_methodComputer torque method controller class
oCConfigHandle configuration files
oCControl_SelectSelect controller class
oCDataBasic data element used in Config class
oCDynamicsDynamics simulation handling class
|\CNew_dynamicsThis is an example of customize Dynamics class
oCGNUcurveObject for one curve
oCImpedanceImpedance controller class
oCIO_matrix_fileRead and write data at every iterations in a file
|\CPlot_fileCreates a graphic from a data file
oCLinkLink definitions
oCLinkStewartLinkStewart definitions
oCPlot2d2d plot object
|\CPlot_fileCreates a graphic from a data file
oCPlot3d3d plot object
oCProportional_DerivativeProportional derivative controller class
oCQuaternionQuaternion class definition
oCResolved_accResolved rate acceleration controller class
oCRobot_basicVirtual base robot class
|oCmRobotModified DH notation robot class
|oCmRobot_min_paraModified DH notation and minimal inertial parameters robot class
|\CRobotDH notation robot class
oCSpl_cubicNatural cubic splines class
|\CSpl_pathCartesian or joint space trajectory
oCSpl_QuaternionCubic quaternions spline
oCStewartStewart definitions
\CTrajectory_SelectTrajectory class selection