ROBOOP, A Robotics Object Oriented Package in C++
demo_2dof_pd.cpp File Reference

A demo file. More...

#include "gnugraph.h"
#include "controller.h"
#include "control_select.h"
#include "dynamics_sim.h"
#include "robot.h"
#include "trajectory.h"

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class  New_dynamics
 This is an example of customize Dynamics class. More...


int main ()

Detailed Description

A demo file.

This demo file shows a two degree of freedom robots controller by a pd controller. The robot is define by the file "conf/rr_dh.conf", while the controller is defined by the file "conf/pd_2dof.conf". The desired joint trajectory is defined by the file "conf/q_2dof.dat";

Definition in file demo_2dof_pd.cpp.