ROBOOP, A Robotics Object Oriented Package in C++
Spl_path Class Reference

Cartesian or joint space trajectory. More...

#include <trajectory.h>

Inheritance diagram for Spl_path:

Public Member Functions

 Spl_path (const std::string &filename)
 Spl_path (const Matrix &x)
short p (const Real time, ColumnVector &p)
 Position vector at time t.
short p_pdot (const Real time, ColumnVector &p, ColumnVector &pdot)
 Position and velocity vector at time t.
short p_pdot_pddot (const Real time, ColumnVector &p, ColumnVector &pdot, ColumnVector &pdotdot)
 Position, velocity and acceleration vector at time t.
short get_type ()
double get_final_time ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from Spl_cubic
 Spl_cubic (const Matrix &pts)
 Constructor. More...
short interpolating (const Real t, ColumnVector &s)
 Interpolating the spline at time t. Extrapolating is not allowed.
short first_derivative (const Real t, ColumnVector &ds)
 Spline first derivative at time t.
short second_derivative (const Real t, ColumnVector &dds)
 Spline second derivative at time t.

Private Attributes

short type
 Cartesian space or joint space.
double final_time
 Spline final time.

Detailed Description

Cartesian or joint space trajectory.

Definition at line 116 of file trajectory.h.