ROBOOP, A Robotics Object Oriented Package in C++
Control_Select Class Reference

Select controller class. More...

#include <control_select.h>

Public Member Functions

 Control_Select ()
 Control_Select (const std::string &filename)
int get_dof ()
 Return the degree of freedom.
void set_control (const std::string &filename)
 Select the proper controller from filename.

Public Attributes

Proportional_Derivative pd
Computed_torque_method ctm
Resolved_acc rra
Impedance impedance
short type
 Type of controller: PD, CTM,...
short space_type
std::string ControllerName
 Controller name.

Private Attributes

int dof
 Degree of freedom.

Detailed Description

Select controller class.

This class contains an instance of each controller class. The active controller will be selected when reading a controller file. "type" value correspond to the active controller, ex:

  • type = NONE : no controller selected
  • type = PD : Proportional Derivative
  • type = CTM : Computer Torque Method
  • type = RRA : Resolved Rate Acceleration
  • type = IMP : Impedance

Bellow is an exemple of RRA configuration file (more info on configuration file in config.h/cpp):


  dof:    6


  Kvp:         500.0
  Kpp:        5000.0
  Kvo:         500.0
  Kpo:        5000.0

Definition at line 96 of file control_select.h.