Chapter 2
Reference manual

This package uses data types defined by the NEWMAT11 matrix library:

The file demo.cpp presents examples for the use of some functions in the package. The time required to compute some functions for a 6 dof robot can be obtained with the file bench.cpp.

 2.1 3D homogeneous transforms
  rotx, roty, rotz
 2.2 The Quaternion class
  conjugate and inverse
  exponential and logarithm
  quaternion time derivative
  unit and norm
  s and v
  Rotation matrices
  Omega, ω
 2.3 The Robot and mRobot classes
  2.3.1 Robot and mRobot object initialization
  get_q, get_qp, get_qpp
  set_q, set_qp, set_qpp
  2.3.2 Kinematics
  2.3.3 Dynamics
  G and C
  2.3.4 Linearized dynamics
 2.4 The Spl_Cubic class
  s, ds and dds
 2.5 The Spl_path class
  p, dp, ddp
 2.6 The Spl_Quaternion class
  quat and quat_w
 2.7 The Trajectory_Select class
 2.8 The CLIK class
 2.9 The Proportional_Derivative class
  Kd, Kp
 2.10 The Computed_torque_method class
  Kd, Kp
 2.11 The Resolve_acc class
  Kpp, Kvp, Kpo, Kvo
 2.12 The Impedance class
  Mp, Dp, Kp, Mo, Do, Ko
 2.13 The Control_Select class
 2.14 The Stewart class
 2.15 The IO_matrix_file class
 2.16 Graphics
  Plot2d class
  Plot_file class
 2.17 Config class
  Reading and writing
 2.18 Miscellaneous
 2.19 Summary of functions